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M-2 Tactical Red Dot Sight $149

Product Overview & Tech Info
Package Includes:  1 sight, 1 mount, 1 set of batteries, and an attachable and removable ARD “Anti Reflective Device”. 

Designed for co-witnessing & OpTech magnifiers 

Tech info:  

External Material:  Extruded, high-grade structural 6063 aluminum. 
Dimensions:  45mmx27mmx32mm  20mmx15mm ​
Weight:  120 grams 
Color:  Matte Black
Battery Type:  3pcs AG13 (Cell button batteries) Expected Run time 50-100 hours. Run time is dependent on brightness setting, altitude  and environmental conditions as these are variables.
Material Lens Covers:  Thermoplastic Elastomeric 
Lens:  Coated Non-Glare, Tempered, Parallax Free, Reflex, Collimator Magnification: No magnification (1X), No centering required Reticle, size Red DOT, diameter 8 MOA* Adjustment 1 click = 1/4"=100yds *MOA (Minute Of Angle) 2 MOA = 60 mm  at 100 meters. 
Environmental Operational Range: 45c to +70c (-50f to +160f) 
Water resistance: Submersible to: 25m (80ft) water depth when properly sealed.

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